Fanari Camp Session 2 Begins

Session 2 has begun and we’re all looking forward to another wonderful week of Fanari Camp 2015! This week is dedicated to our 10th and 11th graders. We know they will make this a special week and create memories to cherish for years to come.

After registration, we ate dinner together- all 90 campers, staff and priests- followed by our camp orientation. Deacon Chris and the Director of our facility, Chrysanthy, welcomed everyone to our beautiful new facility and talked about our responsibility to take care of it while we are here. After going through a quick rotation of all our activities for the week, we gathered for an ice cream social and enjoyed listening to music and playing a fun game of “Sticky Lizard”. We ended the night with a beautiful evening chapel service inside the Main Lodge, lead by Fr. Tasso Theodoropoulos from Assumption of Town and Country, Missouri.

Campers are settling in now and doing their first devotional with their counselors. Our 2nd session of Fanari is off to great start and we look forward to all the blessings this week holds!

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