Saturday 6/20: Last Day and Skit Night

Fanari 2015 is just about over, and as sad as we are that it’s ending, it’s been a wonderful week of making memories and new friendships. We’re so thankful to have had this week to grow in our faith with one another.

On our last night at Fanari Camp, there’s no better way to end our time together than with “Skit Night”. Cristin C. did a great job coordinating the evening’s skits all week long and the campers had fun entertaining us and watching each other’s performances.

Huge congratulations to the campers and counselors of the Athenians, the 2015 Fanari Camp Spirit Winners; they truly embraced the Fanari Spirit all week long with amazing counselors to lead them! Our three 11th graders were also recognized and spoke a few words about why Fanari is special to them. It’s clear from their words, Fanari is a big part of their lives and holds a special place in their hearts.

We ended our last Closing Day with a slideshow of all the great memories during the week and Deacon Chris spoke on what a beautiful week we had, growing deeper in our faith and keeping the light of Christ in us, long after we’ve left camp. It’s hard to put into words the feeling we all had tonight, as we wrapped up this special week at our new home. Love. Joy. Family. Friendship. Blessed. Fanari 2015 Session 1 is in the books. Thank you for an amazing week!


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