Welcome to Fanari 2015!

Fanari 2015 is off to a great start and everyone is enjoying our beautiful new facility at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center! Everything went smoothly at camper drop off and the kids were excited to see old friends and explore their new home for the next week.

We ate dinner together- all 175 campers, staff and priests- followed by our camp orientation. Deacon Chris, Nick and the Director of our facility, Chrysanthy, spoke about our rules and responsibilities at camp. We also went through each of our activities: Orthodox Life, Bible Study, Theater, and our new activity “Flex”, where we will rotate with Greek Culture, Diakonia, Arts & Crafts and Athletics. Doc Angela went through our medication procedures and we got a look ahead at all the fun evening activities planned and talked about spirit points.

Last night was extra special for all our Fanari Blackhawk fans, as we watched  the Championship game on a big screen after we walked through our daily rotation of classes. We ended the night with a beautiful evening chapel service inside the Main Lodge, lead by Fr. Michael Arbanas from St. Nicholas in St. Louis.

Campers went back to their cabins to do their first evening devotionals with their counselors and got settled in. Fanari 2015 is off to an amazing start and we can’t wait for all the wonderful blessings the rest of the week will bring!


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