Bus & Departure Procedures

We’re just a couple of days away from Fanari 2013 and we have a few reminders regarding buses and departures. We’re asking for your assistance in facilitating a smooth and on-time departure from each Bus Zone so that camp can start off on the right foot.

-Be sure to double-check your assigned Bus Zone (see the 2013 Camper Confirmation Packet). We carefully assign the number of buses in each zone, and ask that you follow the assignments.

-Please arrive at your Bus Zone no later than 12:30 to allow enough time to assist in loading your camper’s luggage and say goodbye. Buses leave promptly at their designated time.

-When you arrive at your assigned Bus Zone, please look for counselors (wearing blue staff t-shirts) who will instruct you as to where your camper’s luggage goes. Boys and girls luggage will be loaded into separate compartments; signs should be posted to assist in this process. Don’t forget to make sure that your camper’s luggage has an ID/luggage tag.

-Counselors will take attendance as the campers get on a bus; once the camper is on a bus he/she will not be allowed to get off. We ask that parents not get on the buses, as this makes it difficult for counselors to monitor and count the campers.

-Please do not give your camper’s medication (if applicable) to the counselors. The counselors will assist campers in bringing all medications to the nurses station on Sunday night.

-We will update the blog as each Bus Zone arrives in Green Lake so you can be sure that your camper have arrived safely.

Finally, if for some reason your camper is no longer able to go, please contact us immediately so that the buses are not kept waiting. Phone numbers are listed on the Camper Confirmation Packet.

We’re excited to see all of our campers on Sunday and look forward to sharing the Fanari Camp experience with them!

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